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WEAVE collection | DEmark award

Thai Woven Basketry is our concept for this collection. Since ancient times man has used his creative talents to produce a wide range of handicrafts for use in his daily life. Using slanted weave lines to create a ring setting form, By, we can introduce simple geometric forms of diamonds such as baguette cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds (black and white) set into 14K gold. Finally, we refine the design to add an element simplicity and modernity.

We have received DEmark Design Excellent Award for WEAVE collection

Design Story

The Weave collection is inspired by Thai Basketry which we see the beautiful pattern when they weave together so as the rings. Users can create their own weaving pattern on their fingers. Currently, we have white diamonds and black diamonds to keep it simple and modern look but also can play more colorful with other gemstones as well.

The design of Weave stacking rings concerns on proportion both when wearing multiple stacking rings or individual wearing. With the same or different models, they can be stacked fit perfectly together. We choose natural white diamonds and black diamonds to create modern, sleek and contrast look when putting them together or wearing individually. Also, mix and matched with different color of gold (white gold, rose gold and yellow gold) will add more layers of appealing.

We encourage users to have creative thinking since our rings are stacking rings so they can be worn in different ways, pretty same as you are ‘weaving’ to create pattern you prefer. Also, mix and match with other gold colors (white gold, rose gold and yellow gold) white diamonds and black diamonds as well as mix and match with rings in other collections.

Comfortable, convenience and ease of use is our design basis for Pa Sinh collection. The rings are comfortable to wear with. We use 14k gold which is durable for everyday wearing, not change color or oxidization as Silver jewelry and require low maintenance which saves time and create satisfaction to customers. Customers have benefit on variety utilization. As stacking rings, customers can choose to wear individual or couple pieces on working day while can stack more rings and adding set of earrings and pendant when going to special events.

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