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We have started our Porana jewelry to create the products that we always wished we could own and buy for our friends, family and our beloved one:

  • Simplicity design that you can wear everyday yet beautifully unique designed, with careful attention to even the smallest details that different from mass market.

  • Made from top quality diamonds and gemstones and durable metal for everyday wearing and last long forever. (OUR DIAMONDS, OUR METALS

  • Attention to the right proportion and details and made with superb craftsmanship

  • Affordable price fine jewelry

With jewelry expertise from my family business which my father has established over 35 years, coupled with my background as a designer, I have launched my own jewelry design brand, PORANA on 2016. We are based in Bangkok, Thailand, where is the center of high craftsmanship jewelry production to the world as well as one of the biggest diamonds and gemstone markets.


Porana is the name of the Thai flower called ‘Ladawan’. Porana's small and simple white flowers and its pleasant sweet scent represent our brand concept. Elegance paired with minimalism, this sophisticated fine jewelry complements a woman and reflects her style.


Porana has created a new ‘Brand Experience’ which introduces customers to stacking a few dainty rings together to match their outfit style. Mixed metals, including white, rose and yellow gold, can parallel the mood and tone of the outfit. We create these ‘Modular Rings’ in right proportions that customers can combine and play with.


Our mission is to make fine jewelry part of everyday life - to complete a woman's professional look or her casual style and to become a timeless jewelry asset in her wardrobe.


Thanks for visiting!

Ladawan P.

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