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Co-Branding project between PORANA and PAINKILLER from DITP, Talent Thai and Designer room program.

Concept derives from Scarf woodworking joint, which represents something to build and to connect together.

There are 2 silver rings to interlock together, each one of couple can choose his and her prefer metal, style and finish. Then, these 2 rings with their personalized metal color will become 2 set of the same ring for their uniqure couple rings.

The ring will remind of each uniqueness and how they connect together.

Side of the ring plated with gold from ‘Kintsugi’ concept, which creates interesting detail for the ring .The golden edge/joinery of the ring is also represent a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise which adopted from Fall/Winter 2017 collection concept from Painkiller.

This ring can be wear individual and fit with both men and women (unisex ring)

material: silver 925 and black diamonds

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