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PA SINH collection | DEmark award

Our Pa Sinh collection is inspired by traditional Thai skirt, call Pa Sinh, which The Sinh is made of silk, woven in ornate motifs with delicate embroidery. They come in different textures and designs and are usually created in rural areas by ethnic groups. From the delicate beauty of Pa Sinh, we simplified the pattern and created 3 stacking rings which users have the choice to wear in various ways. Coupled with Thai sacred belief on Navaratna (9gems), we have created and designed jewelry inspired by both Thai cultural in modern way so people can wear jewelry piece as their everyday essentials jewelry.

We have received DEmark Design Excellent Award for PA SINH collection

Design Story

Inspiration of Pa Sinh rings comes from curiosity why Siamese wears jewelry since ancient such as Ayutthaya period. The answers are

1) Prosperity and asset, for inherit to next generation in their family so, most of them made from gold and natural diamonds/gemstones

2) Beautiful, wearing in special ceremony, superb craftsmanship

3) Spiritual, religious belief to bring good luck or protect them from dangerous etc. In the past, Siamese wears traditional Thai costume which matching with traditional jewelry at that time.

However, in these days, Thai people wear simple modern style costume which doesn’t match with that traditional jewelry style. Therefore, we design simple and modern jewelry yet having Thai essence which will complete look on current costume style. We try to reserve and develop Thai Jewelry with remaining our Thai culture which is differentiating from international jewelry. Thai cultural heritage values that reflect to jewelry are 1) Prosperity 2) Beautiful craftsmanship 3) Spiritual and religious belief.

The inspiration for this collection is Pa Sinh, traditional Thai dress combine with Navaratna ring and simplify them to be able to wear in modern day. In additional, we design them to be stacking rings which create variety when wearing. Moreover, Pa Sinh has different pattern depends on each village. Navaratna ring is inspired from colorful Thai Sinh Saraburi and we are creating another Pa Sinh rings from Sakon Nakorn which has white/blueish tone. So, we use diamonds and different shade of blue sapphire to create Pa Sinh Sakon Nakorn pattern and set with 14k white gold.

Future impact: We hope Thai people will come back to use Thai jewelry as it doesn’t look old and traditional anymore. For international customers, we hope they will look at Thai jewelry in another perspective, unlike the old, traditional style but Thai jewelry that can wear in everyday look.

The design of Pa Sinh stacking rings concerns on proportion when wearing a set of three or individual wearing. The color arrangement is also important since Navaratna ring in general is pretty mixed up in various colors. Therefore, we have arranged diamond and gemstones from center white diamond gradient to dark stone color with symmetrically on both sides.

Comfortable, convenience and ease of use is our design basis for Pa Sinh collection. The rings are comfortable to wear with. We use 14k gold which is durable for everyday wearing, not change color or oxidization as Silver jewelry and require low maintenance which saves time and create satisfaction to customers. Customers have benefit on variety utilization. As stacking rings, customers can choose to wear individual or couple pieces on working day while can stack more rings and adding set of earrings and pendant when going to special events.

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